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The LifeGive Supplement line was born approximately 35 years ago out of a desire to readily make available plant-derived supplements. It is formulated by and made exclusively for the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute and meets the Naturally Occurring Standard (NOS) set forth to distinguish between naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients, and those that contain any level of synthetic vitamins and nutrients.

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Briefly about the Naturally Occurring Standard

Naturally Occurring Standard (NOS) is a certification that most of the Hippocrates LifeGive™ supplements have received. This newly established NOS Certification is for the purpose of identifying, certifying, labeling, and verifying the naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients in all food products (including nutritional supplements) and for the purpose of expressing a clear distinction between naturally occurring vitamins and nutrient containing products and those that contain synthetic vitamins and nutrients.

Today the majority of vitamin supplementation come from synthetic compounds made in a laboratory. Synthetic vitamins and nutrients have been shown to exhibit toxic effects when ingested, which are similar to some adverse drug reactions or “side effects”. Furthermore, isolated chemical compounds that resemble “parts” of complete, complex vitamin factors are not the same as real, complex vitamins in their full matrix as found in nature. In this way, the NOS challenges the definition of what a “vitamin” really is.