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The Health Benefits of Improved Skin Circulation

Circulation, beauty, and skin health are all intertwined. So much so that it’s one of the first areas we look at when it comes to repairing and healing damage done to the skin, as well as capitalizing on the many benefits that it can offer such as improved complexion, softer skin and a healthy ‘glow’.

Your skin requires good circulation in order to remain nourished. When we plant a field of vegetables, those vegetables grow dependent on the nutrition and water that’s provided to it above ground, but also on the quality and biodynamics of the soil its in, and the flow of nutritious minerals to the surface.

In just the same way, our skin should be treated in two ways – topical applications of nutritious ‘skin foods’ and by enhancing our body’s ability to internally provide nutrition to the skin.

Benefits of enhanced circulation

We could write a thesis on the benefits of better circulation, but for this article we want to look at how it benefits the skin. Here are just a few ways that better circulation can enhance skin health and beauty.

  • Supports the skin to remove ‘waste’ products such as toxins
  • Delivers antioxidant and nutritional support to the skin
  • Supports with halting and healing skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis.
  • Can heal damage done by the sun.
  • Gives a better complexion and youthful glow to the skin.
  • Skin becomes softer and smoother.
  • Enhancing collagen production.
  • Reduces dry skin.
  • Enables glands such as the sebaceous glands and sweat glands to perform optimally.
  • Can reduce cancer risk through better ability to heal the skin.

How to enhance circulation to the skin

With a list of benefits like the above, the next question is an obvious one: how do you improve skin circulation? Based on our research into hæemodynamics, we recommend an approach that enables the body to both provide nutrition and enhance circulation internally, whilst also adding topical application of circulation enhancing compounds externally, much like our analogy of the field of vegetables above.

skin circulation

  • Exercise – exercise enhances blood flow dramatically, leading to the body pumping blood to skin cells. Exercise carries many hundreds of benefits, but enhancing circulation to the skin is often an underrated one.
  • Hydration – drinking more water is hugely beneficial for maintaining good circulation. Water is one of the ‘fuels’ that keeps circulation in check, and also provides a good dose of minerals and vitamins which the skin requires.
  • Don’t drink or smoke – drinking and smoking both have negative effects on the body’s circulatory abilities.
  • Raw, plant-based foods – the nutritional benefits and energy that such foods provide are essential for improving your body’s circulation. Eat more of them and let your skin thrive.
  • Try a massage – regular massages can enhance blood flow to the skin.
  • A few dietary additions – ensure you’re adding ginseng, garlic, and vitamin E rich nuts and seeds to your diet. All of these boost circulation.
  • Enjoy a hot bath – take a little time to soak, or try a sauna. 20 minutes a day can enhance circulation in the long-term and optimize your body’s circulatory abilities.
  • Apply Laminaria Algae – this nutrition-rich algae found off the coasts of Iceland packs numerous antioxidants and nutritional benefits for the skin such as zinc, copper, potassium and more. It’s also one of the most powerful circulation boosting natural compounds available.

We recommend applying laminaria algae in the form of a body oil. It’s a powerful natural compound, so add it in small quantities for intensive nourishment of the skin.

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