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*Decreases appetite, hunger and cravings

*Increases fat burning and fat loss

*Decreases circulating glucose

*Increases insulin sensitivity

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LifeGive™ MeltAway (180 Vegan Capsules) is a fat-consuming enzyme complex that is a pure, safe and proven way to help the body eliminate unwanted weight.  The enzymes, Lipase and Amylase, assist the digestive and eliminative systems in their quest to rid the body of unwanted lipids.  LifeGive™ MeltAway is based and formulated on a historic tradition that has been scientifically validated over many years of research.

Innoslim works in the human body by helping regulate the metabolisms of glucose, fat cells, and muscle cells.  In addition, it helps reduce glucose absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, and also increases combustion in fat cells, and glycogen synthesis in the muscle cells.  Innoslim decreases circulating glucose and reduces fat accumulation, resulting in a favorable metabolic environment for correcting and supporting type 2 Diabetes conditions.

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